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Useful Links

Useful Links 

Please find below a list of useful links and partners we so blessed to work with.

Samaritans Purse UK

Christian Safeguarding Services are the official Safeguarding Advisors to Samaritans Purse UK. Samaritans purse provide humanitarian relief such us the Fast Effective Disaster Response

“You hear, O Lord, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry.” Psalm 10:17 (NIV).

Since 2009, you have enabled us to respond to over 112 disasters around the world. Our mission is to bring hope and light in the darkest situations as fast as we can when disaster strikes. Working through the local church and ministry partners on the ground, utilising all our experience in food distribution, water, sanitation and hygiene, shelter and medical services in Jesus Name.

Edward Connor Solicitors.

Edward Connor Solicitors is uniquely a Christian charity as well as a law firm.  Churches have specific needs and circumstances, even down to property and employment.  They have vast experience of the pitfalls and eventualities so are able to give you the best quality advice. They can also give you a biblical perspective as you consider legal matters that affect how you treat those who come into contact with your church.

“We share your aim of advancing Christ’s kingdom and we want to use our legal expertise to help your ministry to flourish.”

Cornerstone Resources 

Many thanks for turning around our request so efficiently and at such short notice. It is good to know who to turn to for advice and support (even for the smaller tasks) and to know it is there when we need it.’  Northern Baptist College

For support with HR and personnel issues we are recommending Cornerstone Resources.  They can support with all things HR, recruitment, retentions, managing teams, policy development etc. Please click here to view their website.

My Tutor -parental support around technology risks- Keeping your kids safe online 

A very helpful guide to the risks associated with todays current social media apps and technology .