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Systems Development and Review

We are able to provide services to help churches and other faith based organisations to develop or review their policies, procedures and systems. A variety of approaches, including bespoke approaches are available:

  • Training or workshop to develop policies, procedures and systems
  • Working in partnership with you to develop policies procedures and systems
  • A paperwork review of policies, procedures and systems with written report and recommendations
  • A workshop based review of policies procedures and systems
  • A full audit of policies, procedures and systems
  • Other bespoke approaches as required

Since these services are bespoke in nature, we would need to discuss your requirements. We would then provide you with a fixed-price quote and a written project plan that outlined the scope of work and commitments on both sides. For more information or to discuss this in more detail, please contact info@thecss.co.uk or on 07960 751778.