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Standard Safeguarding Training

Our “Whole Church Essential Awareness Training” children, your people and vulnerable adults at risk is a very popular course for church volunteers. We are now booked up every Saturday until the end of March 2020.  Should you want whole church training for 2020 we advise that you book with us as soon as you can.

We provide a range of standard courses covering the most common safeguarding requirements. We deliver these in various ways:

  • Delivery to a whole team (or teams) within a local church or Faith Based Organisation
  • Delivery to a group of churches/ organisations who combine the teams for cost effectiveness
  • Attendance at one of our courses that can be purchased on a “per seat” basis

Where courses are delivered to a church/organisation or group of churches/organisations, we will tailor the course to ensure it is meeting the needs of those who attend. Courses can be tailored in various ways; for example:

  • Focus on specific age groups
  • Focus on specific safeguarding themes of local importance
  • Focus on a specific population/demographic eg adults with learning disabilities, etc. 
  • More or less biblical / theological content
  • Emphasis on engaging attendees, informing them of the issues or deepening and developing existing skills

Many of the standard courses have the option of an update / refresh session that is aimed at staff and volunteers who have previously attended a full course and so will only need an update and refresh. 

When delivered on your premises to your team, the cost of the course is £250 for a half day or £500 for a full day plus travel costs for up to 25 people. Larger groups can be accommodated for an additional cost (please call us to discuss). This cost includes all materials, resources, certificates etc. Travel is charged from Loughborough, Leicestershire  (i.e. the return journey).

                                                  Poynton Christian Fellowship 8th June 2019

The most sought after is a full days training , 1/2 day safeguarding children & young people plus a 1/2 day session with strategic leads in the second half of the day. 

The standard safeguarding courses that we offer are:

Essential Awareness of Safeguarding Children and Young People 1/2 a day course This course is aimed at those who have either regular supervised or any form of unsupervised contact (whether regular or infrequent) with children and young people. This would certainly include Children and Youth Workers, Sunday School Teachers, Mentors or those involved in pastoral work with children etc.

Designated Safeguarding Lead: role and responsibilities This course is aimed at those who are the nominated safeguarding lead for the organisation; in other words, they are the “go to” person for anyone who has concerns about a child or young person. Church leaders and trustees are welcome to attend (Please note; there is also a course for those responsible for governance and this course does not cover that content).

“Safe & Sound” strategic management of safeguarding children and young people in churches or Faith Based Organisations 1/2 a day This course is aimed at church/organisation leaders, officers, trustees or Designated Officers, who have responsibility for policies, procedures, systems, training etc. for the organisation.

Safe Recruitment and Ongoing Safe Management of Staff and Volunteers This course is aimed at those who appoint and oversee the work of staff and/or volunteers who are engaged in church/organisation activities

We also deliver on a range of specific safeguarding themes such as:

  • Radicalisation
  • Social media
  • Abuse related to faith of belief systems, (eg. forced marriage, honour based violence, breast ironing, witchcraft and demon possession etc.)
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Neglect
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Etc.

Healthy Church Culture training / workshop 1/2 a day An additional area of interest for us is a hybrid training/workshop around Healthy Church Culture; a theme that is of particular importance in relation to current discussions about what is sometimes referred to as “Spiritual Abuse”. There has been some considerable discussion of this theme in the media and over recent times, and although we do not agree with the use of the term, we fully recognise that there are occasions where emotional or psychological harm occurs or where there is an abuse of power and we are absolutely clear that we must work proactively to prevent such abuse and also have a robust and confident response where such abuses take place. This session enables church leaders to think through the issues around this important theme from a biblical perspective.

Our position aligns with that of the Evangelical Alliance who have produced a helpful report on this theme. The report and the executive summary can be found on their website or using the following link:  http://eauk.org/current-affairs/media/press-releases/new-report-highlights-risks-of-incoherent-spiritual-abuse-terminology.cfm

Mental Health Awareness This course covers the topics below

  • Depression and anxiety 
  • Eating disorders and self harm
  • Bi Polar disorder, Psychosis
  • Recovery and how the church can support 

The cost of this course is different to the safeguarding course, please phone for details.

Essential Awareness of Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults at Risk 1/2 a day This course is aimed at those who work with vulnerable adults or adults at risk of abuse

Designated Person for Safeguarding Adults: role and responsibilities This course is aimed at those who are responsible for leading the safeguarding of adults within the organisation

Strategic management of safeguarding children and young people in churches or Faith Based Organisations 1/2 a day This course is aimed at church leaders, officers, trustees or Designated Officers who have a responsibility for policies, procedures, training etc. for the organisation

For more information about these courses, please contact Paul Harrison either by e-mail; paul@thecss.co.uk or call on 0333 303 4101