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Feedback from Churches

“We were helped enormously as a church family by Paul & Sue’s expertise in safeguarding. I highly recommend them to any church”  Leicestershire Church


“I’ve spent my career in social care, you explained the safeguarding spectrum in such a way that made so much sense for a church. You start where churches are at!” South Wales Church 


“As a church we benefitted from the Essential Awareness for our volunteers, we now ask CSS back regularly for updates on a more of a themed training session” Leicestershire Church 


“You never compromised biblical truth, even when the subject matter was difficult and sensitive. Thank you!” London Church


” You have helped us to think about safeguarding in our own church context. Brilliant training , thank – you! ” Cheshire Church




“We always thought local authorities were like “big brother”. You’ve helped us to understand why we need to have all these measures in place, never realised we needed risk assessments doing” Derbyshire Church


“Thank you for dealing with my query and promptly , much appreciated!” DSL London Church