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Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services  

We provide a wide range of consultancy and support services. 

  • Safeguarding  
    • Essential Awareness in safeguarding for all volunteers and staff
    • Designated Safeguarding Lead Person 
    • Safeguarding Audit of systems and processes

    • Church Leaders / Governance 
    • Safer Recruitment
    • Train the trainer (for churches who wish to deliver internally to their own volunteers) 
  • Disability awareness particularly Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • Understanding ASD
    • Impact on family
    • Impact on an individual
    • Impact on couples
    • Impact on the church & the role a church can have in supporting 
  • Leadership and Management
    • Managing staff
    • Managing volunteers 
  • Trilogy of Risk (additional factors present in a family that can make children more vulnerable)
    • Domestic Abuse
    • Impact of parental substance misuse
    • Mental Health Issues
      • Mental Health Awareness including: 
        • Understanding of Mental Health 
          • Eating disorders, self-harm, anxiety, depression suicide & psychosis 
          • Impact on an individual
          • Impact on family
          • How church can support 

Please contact us to discuss info@thecss.co.uk or on 0333 303 4101.