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Bespoke Safeguarding Training

Bespoke Safeguarding Training

Bespoke safeguarding training can be provided, tailored to your own specific requirements.  We can also deliver workshops at your events. In considering your needs, we will assess the scope of delivery in addition to our standard course catalogue.  Where a course or a workshop is completely bespoke and tailored, after an initial consultation with you, we will provide a fixed price quote. This would be for the development and the delivery or the project.  We will then put together a proportionate project plan for bespoke safeguarding training detailing how the development, the sign off and delivery will work, including payment options.

Some churches and organisations request to have our training delivered to their own organisation then delivered by ourselves. We will consider this on an individual basis and will work with you through to a solution for your requirements 

Training levels

We offer three levels training.

Essential Awareness in Safeguarding for volunteers and staff

Roles and responsibilities of the Designated Safeguarding Lead Person

Trustees and Church Leaders Safe & Sound Training

Please see the details our levels of training for churches and faith based organisations on our standard training

If you have any requirements for bespoke training, please do get in touch with is us at info@thecss.co.uk . We’d also be glad to talk to you so phone us on 07960 751778