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Welcome to Christian Safeguarding Services

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Christian Safeguarding Services 

Supporting, Serving and Empowering Churches and Faith-Based Organisations.

Helping you to achieve best practice to safeguard and protect.

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COVID-19 : How are you responding?


Moving Church Online 

As we all wrestle with how to minister in this period of lockdown, we must ensure that the highest standards of safeguarding are maintained. The following resources maybe useful to help you think through your response.

Watch the webinar on our You Tube Channel 

Powerpoint handouts

OUR ONLINE E-LEARNING FOR Church Leaders/Trustees /Safeguarding Coordinators and Church Volunteers is now available

Dates for online training here

Our range of support services to Churches

For Church leaders/Trustees we have a selection of evening and daytime sessions . If you are now used to “zooming” your church services and leadership meetings we can provide the same service.

Its also an opportunity, whilst in LOCKDOWN, to get your team together and have a three hour interactive training session to finally get on top and update your safeguarding processes and procedures.

We are asking churches and faith based organisations to prayerfully consider becoming a member of Christian Safeguarding ServicesShould you become a paid member of the CSS you will receive 20% discount on whole church training as well as access to our  premium resources

 As an organisation Christian Safeguarding Services  avoids straying into areas of political correctness and everything we do and the services we provide are based on sound evangelical principles.

Would you stand with us in assisting us as we seek to serve and support churches and faith based organisations in the UK?

If you are a member church of FIEC, EFCC or a member of Evangelical Alliance or Affinity, you will also receive a further discount on your membership premium.

Over the past 15 months or so, Christian Safeguarding Services have been delivering first class and highly evaluated training every single week to evangelical churches across the UK. This has been possible through our expanding trainer network. However due to COVID -19, face to face training is just not possible, nor is it safe.

We have now moved all our training on line for the time being. Whilst we appreciate this is not ideal, it’s the next best option at the moment.

We also have capacity at this time to conduct online audits of your systems and processes.

If you need your church policy writing, we can also help you out 

You don’t have to be a paid member

to access some of our services !

*** Charity status is pending, our solicitors Edward Connor is administering this for us ***

Welcome to Christian Safeguarding Services website!  Partnering with churches and other faith-based organisations to help them to think through their approach to safeguarding children, young people and adults. 

We support churches to develop their policies, procedures, systems and the culture that’s needed to safeguard their congregations. Always supporting churches and faith based organisations by being biblically faithful and in a God-honouring way.  Offering  you a flexible approach to your safeguarding needs and it doesn’t have to cost you a huge amount of money.  There are some services you can use free without being a paid member. 

We work professionally in the safeguarding arena; we are also evangelical believers who are actively involved in church leadership.  Our passion is to help churches and faith-based organisations think through this important theme from a biblical frame of reference.

The challenges

However, we are living in times when both historic and current abuses are being brought to light and attitudes within society are being challenged.  Churches have not been free from guilt with regard to abuse.  Attitudes within society are constantly changing and there is an increasing suspicion of churches, particularly Evangelical churches that cannot affirm some of the trends in society.

As an organisation Christian Safeguarding Services  avoids straying into areas of political correctness. Everything we do as well as the services we provide are based on sound evangelical principles.

As churches, we should ensure that we are operating visibly and transparently in a way that reflects our biblical gospel principles.  You can read about our Biblical perspective on safeguarding by reading our page on Biblical principles 

We are not experts in legal matters, there are others who are, and who are addressing issues within the safeguarding arena from a legal perspective, particularly thinking through freedom of religion issues.  We don’t seek to address such issues, they are not our area of expertise.  The purpose of this site is to share our experience and expertise in safeguarding with churches to increase their confidence and competence in dealing with such issues, that will allow our light to shine before men. 

What we can offer

Membership services

Training & Consultancy

DBS Service


To access some of the resources on this site you may need to sign up for an account.

Three levels of membership are available to you , starting with a free membership. We also provide training and consultancy services, however these are chargeable.

Our DBS service is available Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm on 07851 549922. 

We aim to be flexible for churches and provide services in an affordable and cost-effective way as possible.  We also have a free e-mail newsletter and would encourage you to sign up so that we can keep you up-to-date.

Our advice line is available everyday; that’s 7 days a week between the hours of 7am and 10pm on 07960 751778 or by email info@thecss.co.uk