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Welcome to Christian Safeguarding Services

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Equipping and Empowering

Churches and Faith Based Organisations 

to Effectively Safeguard and Protect

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Other dates are being arranged, however, we have dates available where we can offer whole church training specifically tailored for you, 

Welcome to the our website. We partner with churches and other Faith Based Organisations to help them to think through their approach to safeguarding children, young people and adults.

We support churches to develop the policies, procedures, systems and the culture that is needed to safeguard their congregations, in line with best practice in a biblically faithful and God honouring way.

We work professionally in the safeguarding arena, and we are also evangelical believers who are actively involved in church leadership.

Our passion is to help churches and Faith Based Organisations think through this important theme from a biblical frame of reference.

We are living in times when both historic and current abuses are being brought to light and attitudes within society are being challenged. Churches have not been free from guilt with regard to abuse. Attitudes within society are changing and there is an increasing suspicion of churches; particularly Evangelical churches that cannot affirm some of the trends in society.

As churches, we should ensure that we are visibly and transparently operating in a way that reflects our biblical gospel principles. If we rigorously think safeguarding through from a biblical frame of reference, we will find that we not only do we meet our obligations, but we actually exceed best practice standards in relation to safeguarding. There are of course specific requirements laid on us by the state, however these don’t contradict our biblical principles.

There are areas of challenge for us to deal with, needing to handle these with wisdom and sensitivity, but it remains our conviction that the best response in the current climate is to seek to glorify God in our safeguarding.

We are not experts in legal matters, there are others who are, and who are addressing issues within the safeguarding arena from a legal perspective; particularly thinking through freedom of religion issues. We don’t seek to address such issues, they are not our area of expertise. The purpose of this site is to share our experience and expertise in safeguarding with churches to increase their confidence and competence, in dealing with such issues, that will allow our light to shine before men. 

This site is under constant and continual development. We will shortly be adding a members area that will provide a range of free resources. We also provide training and consultancy services, however these are chargeable. We aim to provide these in as affordable and cost effective way as possible. We also have a free e-mail newsletter and would encourage you to sign up so that we can keep you up to date. We can also be contacted on  07960 751778 or by email info@thecss.co.uk